About Us

Our Vision

To be the Industry leader in every field of endeavour.

Our Mission

We at Sunflag Group are committed to Industry Leadership by:

  • Complete Customer Satisfaction
  • Embracing Employee Excellence

Corporate Values

Our Corporate values include:

  • Respect
  • Commitment
  • Decisive
  • Proactive
  • Selfless
  • Simplicity

Quality Policy

Sunflag Nigeria Limited is committed to provide quality textile products and services to the customers and stakeholders with continual improvement through Quality Management System as per NIS ISO 9001:2015.

Sunflag started its textile operations in Nigeria in the year 1961. It is one of the largest textiles Company in the whole of West Africa with world class manufacturing facilities. It is fully integrated from fiber to fabric with ginning, spinning, weaving, knitting finishing.


Extending beyond the value chain as part of it backward integration strategy, our Ginnery was commissioned in the year 2009 to process the cotton grown in the Northern belt of the Nigeria to feed the spinning mills located at Ikorodu, Lagos. The ginning plant produces poly-cleaned cotton which is essential for achieving quality and efficiency in the spinning operations.


Sunflag has more than 200 looms which include the latest Airjets, Rapiers and Projectiles produced by the best European manufacturers. Sunflag produces a wide range of woven fabrics from shirting, suiting, towels to industrial fabrics and home furnishing.

Yarn Spinning

The Spinning Units have more than 4500 modern Open End Rotors and over 20,000 Ring Spindles and features as one among the most modern plants in the world. The Spinning equipment is sourced from the world’s leading manufacturers creating efficiencies which rank the unit in the top 5% of the plants in the world.

Dyeing, Finishing and Printing (Fabric)

Sunflag has the latest computer controlled dyeing, finishing and printing facilities. It has the capability to produce a whole range of dyed and printed products with the finishes as demanded by the discerning market. Sunflag has specialized in designing a comprehensive range of African Print, Mattress Cover,Towels and Bed Sheet fabrics utilizing the latest computer design techniques from an extensive library of designs.


Sunflag is also a major producer of circular knitted fabrics and warp knitted fabrics with manufacturing machines supplied by leading manufacturers. Sunflag produces fabrics for products ranging from garments to mosquito nets.

Dyeing, Finishing and Printing (Yarn)

Sunflag has the capacity to process lot sizes of 1kg to 300kgs in its yarn dyeing facilities. The plants have sophisticated laboratories to test colour, washing, light, rubbing fastness, etc. They also have state-of-the-art Radio Frequency (RF) driers for drying the dyed yarn which can handle both synthetic and cotton yarns. Sunflag has also expanded into making sewing thread, producing a range of single and double yarn in a comprehensive range of colours.


Our Company History….

Sunflag Nigeria: An Overview

ISO Certified company.


Good corporate governance


Force of about 3,000 plus employees.


State-of-art spinning mill in Ikorodu.


Leading textile group in West Africa


4 Manufacturing Units

Sunflag Nigeria Limited

An Unswerving Textile group in Nigeria

  • Supplying the finest, most innovative high quality products to the nation since 1961.
  • Manufacturing cotton/fiber, yarn, sewing threads, customized fabric, African print, ceremonials, customized uniforms, tee-shirt materials, towels, bedsheets, foam covers.
  • Sunflag has market leadership in textile production. It is unique in being a specialist. The company provides customers satisfaction through a combination of knowledge, services and high technology products.
  • Serves the society through Employment, Education, Environment and Safety.
  • Empowering local cotton farmers and supporting a distribution channel to grow and improve.
  • Engaging in war against unemployment in Nigeria, with 3000+ local employees, capacity building and forever creating new jobs.

Sunflag Contribution

To The Society

It has affected the society positively by:

  • Bringing about employment for the jobless masses, most especially around where it is built, and with jobs comes economic and societal growth.
  • Helping with the environment degrading, such as making sure that it environment is clean and free from hazards.
  • Affecting individual lives positively, by bringing about the reduction in price of cotton wears due to its presence in their locality, and also my making provision of jobs.
  • Empowering local cotton farmers/vendors and supporting a distribution channel to grow and improve the crop of Nigeria.

To Education

The company affects the educational sector in terms of payments of education tax to the federal government, which in turn disburses these fund to federal higher institutions, for the betterment of the educational sector.

To The Economy

Sunflag as a textile industry has contributed to the Nigeria economy in various ways.
  • It has helped in clothing the nation.
  • It has helped in exporting commodities to foreign countries in order to earn foreign exchange.
  • It also contributes to national exchequer, in terms of tax such as income tax, VAT, custom duty etc.

Sunflag Nigeria Limited


  • We are based at Western (Lagos) and Northern (Funtua- Katsina) part of the country with 4 units.
  • Our team has over 3000 employees in direct employment.

Our expertise and operation methodology

  1. In the textile sector, Sunflag has 4 units namely;

        *Iganmu Unit

        *Knitex Unit

        *Ikorodu Unit

        *Funtua Unit

Iganmu, Knitex and Ikorodu mills manufactures quality yarn, Terry Towels, Suiting, Shirting, Printed fabrics, Warp, knitted fabrics (used in manufacturing quality T-shirts), Curtain materials, suiting, shirting, Ankara, woven mattresses, bedsheets materials, Mosquito nets, Garments, for domestic and international market. The unit is supplying the mosquito nets to International Market/Organizations like UNICEF, USAID.

Funtua Unit

This unit is located in Funtua-Kastina to process the cotton grown in the Northern belt of the country to feed the spintex mills at Ikorodu Lagos. The grinning plant produces poly cleaned cotton which is essential for achieving quality and efficiency in spinning operations.

  1. Products produced by us are of high and demanding quality.